16in DB616 DBA-000-0064/ CS-0011-002

Product Number: DBA-000-0064


Bit Size: 16"
Type: DB616
Body material: Steel
Application: General Purpose
Formation strength: Soft to Medium
Stratigraphy: Homogeneous / interbedded
Lithology: Shale, Claystone, Sandstone, Limestone
Abrasiveness: Low to Medium
Directional compatibility: RSS Push-the-Bit, Positive Displacement Motors
Hydraulics: 9 ports, CFD optimised for cleaning
Design Features:
- DIMs (Diamond Impregnated Material)
- Shoulder - DIMs form into a near-net shape of the cut rock and, in addition to its intrinsic vibration-dampening material properties, provide excellent lateral stability.  Hybrid gauge - Every gauge pad has one PDC cutter to cut the hole diameter, but it also has a DIM to enhance lateral stability. 
- Low Friction Gauge - The gauge pad is cylindrical, with the diameter chosen to allow full directional control.
- Ports - This bit uses ports (proven over many years on roller cone bits) to minimise the space footprint for hydraulic features. This means getting the hydraulics where they are needed and not being limited by manufacturing capability.
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to optimise the placement of ports for excellent cleaning and cooling of the cutters.

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Number of blades


Cutting Structure


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