ZerdaLab Team
113Years of Industry Experience
14Countries of International Experience
13Various Engineering and Business Degrees
1Goal - to make Zerdalab mission statement a reality
Expertise in:
  • Drill bit manufacturing
  • Drill bit design and bit selection
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Drilling dynamics and optimization
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning / computer vision

About Us

Our People
Benoit Botton Bit Design Software [email protected]
Rob Tipples Product R & D [email protected]
Rana Ahmad Data Science and Software Development [email protected]
Sahet Keshiyev Director, Analytics [email protected]
Vasiliy Zbaraskiy Director, CTO [email protected]
Nurjan Nurjanov Director, Finance [email protected]
Vyacheslav Litskan Operations Support Specialist [email protected]
Serdar Bayramov Data Analyst [email protected]
Alex Scotchman Senior Design Engineer [email protected]
Omar Kubataev Advanced Drilling Dynamics Engineer [email protected]
Gozel Annayeva Digital Marketing Specialist [email protected]
Graham Khan Chief Operations Officer [email protected]